We have power!

Patrick Cummings, Miss Allen and Dr Joseph Mwila at Dayspring Academy

Staff at Dayspring during the unveiling of the solar panels

Dayspring is now powered up for the start of the new school year after our four new solar panels were unveiled last week.

Teachers and pupils will now be able to carry on as usual during power cuts, meaning children won’t miss a minute of the top class education they come to Dayspring for.

The panels were funded by generous donations from friends and family of Miss Allen, one of our volunteer UK teachers, to the delight of Dr Joseph Mwila, head of Dayspring Ministries, and Patrick Cummings, head of Dayspring Academy.

Dr Mwila said: “We are hugely grateful to Miss Allen’s friends and family for raising the money to pay for these panels, as they will make a huge difference to the children in the school.”

Mr Cummings added: “I couldn’t be more thrilled. We have worked tremendously hard to make Dayspring what it is, and these panels will only improve the top class education we are already giving all our pupils.”