Parents' page

Information for Parents


We ask all parents to sign homework once their child has completed it and then return it to school.

Eating Healthily

Children learn best when they have the right ‘fuel’ in their bodies. Please ensure that your child starts the day with a nutritious breakfast.

Try porridge with fruit or eggs. Avoid the sugary cereals which are so cleverly marketed in the supermarkets.

Make sure that your child brings plenty of water to drink throughout the day – not just in the hot season.

Please don’t give your children fizzy drinks as they are full of sugar. When preparing a snack, put into your child’s box brown rice, brown pasta and brown bread – the white versions have no nutritional value at all! If there is space in that lunch box put in a piece of fruit.

When children eat healthily every day they perform at their best in
the classroom and – just as importantly – they store up good health for their adult lives.

Security and safety

The safety of our and your children is paramount to us. If there is a change from the usual adult picking up your child from school, please let us know in advance and provide us with details of the person who is coming to pick them up.
The school has employed a security guard to ensure that the learners are secure. All adults entering the school during the school day will be required to provide their name and details in the log book to guarantee our and your children’s safety.

WhatsApp group

The school has a WhatsApp group to enable us to stay in touch with parents.
If you do not wish to be included in this group, please let us know.

Why Dayspring?

Dayspring Academy is a school where the pupils come first. We provide a Christian education with strong pastoral care, teach English and Maths to UK standards with UK teachers, and guarantee small class sizes. Our fees are competitive – K2300 per term for pre-school, K2740 per term for primary and K3500 per term for secondary – and we provide excellent facilities and resources. Why not pop in and meet the team today?

Our curriculum

Beginning in the Pre-school and continuing into the early grades of Primary, the curriculum focuses strongly on numeracy and literacy to build the foundation for all future learning.