We offer a number of excellent clubs in our Primary at the end of the working day.

We run the clubs on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday between 14.00 and 15.00.

Reading club at Dayspring

 The offer will change over time but at the moment we have the following clubs for our children to enjoy: French, Reading, Art, Mathematics and Phonics.

In time we shall add sport and music to the list of clubs.

At the end of each week we rotate the clubs ensuring that the pupils gain a variety of experiences in a term.

The clubs are free of charge.

Why Dayspring?

Dayspring Academy is a school where the pupils come first. We provide a Christian education with strong pastoral care, teach English and Maths to UK standards with UK teachers, and guarantee small class sizes. Our fees are competitive – K2300 per term for pre-school, K2740 per term for primary and K3500 per term for secondary – and we provide excellent facilities and resources. Why not pop in and meet the team today?

Our curriculum

Beginning in the Pre-school and continuing into the early grades of Primary, the curriculum focuses strongly on numeracy and literacy to build the foundation for all future learning.