Stars of the Week

June 4th 2021

Every week, a child from each grade is chosen for great work and presented with a Star of the Week certificate.

The certificate is then displayed in their classroom for everyone to see until the following Friday when they bring it home.

Well done, Stars of the Week!


Reception star of the week Zulu Donaria, most hardworking, with Ms Mwale

Our Grade 1 star of the week Banda Taizya, best handwriting, with Ms Mwansa

Our Grade 3 star of the week Lubinda Thabo, with Mr Musonda. Best in spellings and Mental Maths.

Our Grade 4 star of the week Ngeki Lisa, with Ms Nakanyika. Most improved in Maths.

Our Grade 5 star of the week Mulenga Ruth, with Mr Munkondia. Most improved in handwriting.

Our Grade 6 star of the week Ngeki Victoria, with Mr Mwamba. Outstanding performance