School trip to Ndola Airport and the Levy Mwanawasa Stadium

On Thursday November 14, 39 Dayspringers and five teachers set off early for Ndola full of expectation.

Our first visit was to the airport where we were well received by our hosts the airport staff.The first thing they did was usher us into the Central Tower! It was fantastic! We watched in awe as the air traffic controllers spoke clearly and calmly to the pilots of planes which were landing and taking off.

We were fully aware that any mistake or miscommunication could be disastrous. While the staff waited on the radio the senior air traffic controller explained the workings of the tower and took questions from our pupils.

Our next stop in the airport was an area crammed with scientific instruments. Our friendly guide talked to us about they measured temperature, rainfall, windspeed and hours of sunshine – and how (and why) they relayed all this data to pilots in their air space.

Gallery – click on the image to see pictures from the trip

After all this hard science learning we needed an ice cream and Ndola Mall obliged with some lovely vanilla cones!

Our third and final destination was a bit of a surprise. Our pupils cheered loudly as our bus turned into the car park of the Levy Mwanawasa Stadium.

Again, we received an informative tour from a friendly guide. Our pupils particularly loved running around the running track and playing on the pitch – no doubt imagining that 40,000 fans were admiring their footballing prowess!

We arrived back at school just after 16:00, having sung every song in our pupils’ repertoire, very tired but very happy – still talking about what we had seen and heard on our wonderful trip!